Find The Perfect Tradesman in Belgium

Expat in Belgium : For people who simply do not have the time or inclination to get the job done themselves.


We are proud to provide our services to Companies, Professional Business Men & Women, Diplomats, Embassies, Expats as well as people that have been living in Belgium their whole life !

Our main aim & mission is to do our best to make your life stress free, taking care to supply the required service or professional tradesman that you require, without you having to run around looking for that ” right person or company “.

We cover most location’s of Belgium including the main Expat area’s of Brussels, Antwerpen, Tervuren & Waterloo.


We are basically a great mix of a high quality concierge service and yellow pages all rolled into one !


Either using one of our in house professionals or a solid partner provider that offers our own efficient first class values and services, that in our mind are so important to provide, always, to each and every client, which explains why we are proud to welcome back recurring clients on a regular basis because we always deliver what we promise at the most competitive price.

TV From Home

The TV & Radio From Your Home Country

TV From Home are based in Belgium, proudly serving Expats with their very own Television & Radio Channels from their Home Country who are living & working in Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Holland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Russia, Africa, UAE, & all area’s of Europe with High Definition Television & Radio in their very own language with all the News, Sports, Films & Entertainment they love to watch from their Home Country.


TV From Home

Quality & First Class Service

When your moving Home & being relocated to your new House, Apartment or Office, TV From Home are committed to offering you the best quality products at affordable prices including full professional technical support.

Our products come with a 2 year guarantee and are tested by ourselves to the highest standard. HD TV Set Top Boxes & channel lists are pre-installed so that you have access to all your TV & Radio stations from the moment the Set Top Box is delivered to you. You can choose between Satellite or Cable TV meaning that even if your living in an Apartment where no Satellite Dish Antenna is allowed, we can still get you connected to your TV From Home.

If your living outside Belgium then please Click Here to find your local TV From Home office.

Fantastic Choice of Products plus Installation

& Repair service

When it comes to choosing and buying a Television HD Set Top Box, TV From Home are specialised and committed in supplying quality products at the best possible price with everything to do with both Expat Cable HD TV ( which DOES NOT require a Satellite Dish Antenna ) & Satellite HD Television including Satellite Dish Antenna’s of all size’s, LNB’s including Satellite Receiver Decoder’s with Recorder’s ( PVR / DVR ) and Viewing Card’s for SKY TV, FREESAT, FREEVIEW, VIASAT, CANAL DIGITAL Nordic & all Satellite & Cable TV providers.


Installation & repair of all brands of Satellite TV systems including our ” TV Relocation Installation Service ” for when your moving Home and need your own Satellite TV & Antenna re installed at your new Home. If you have a question about Television & Radio then our team of Experts are here to help you, from choosing the best system to suit your Family & budget to arranging installation of the correct Satellite Dish Antenna as required on a day to suit you.

Satellite HD TV

Expat Digital Cable HD TV

TV From Home supply & install Satellite systems either supplied by our Company or via our " Relocation TV Service " we install your very own system when your moving Home.

Whatever language you & your Family speak, we have all the TV & Radio channels that you love to watch & listen to in your own language from your Home Country.

You can even ‘Mix & Match’ the channels in different languages from the Countries of your choice. 

British TV & Radio : BBC | ITV | Channel Four | Five TV | Sky News | Cbeebies | etc

Choose from Cable TV Set Top Box ( NO Satellite Dish ) or Freesat or Sky TV HD PVR

American Television & Radio : ABC | CBS | NBC | FOX | CW | PBS | ESPN | etc

Fantastic picture quality including upgrades that include extra channels & DVR

Irish Television & Radio : RTE1 | RTE2 | TV3 | TG4 | RTE News Now | etc

Fantastic picture quality including British TV & PVR Recorder Function

Televisione Italiana e Radio Consegnati e Installati | RAI | Rete 4 | Italia 1 | etc

Freesat Italian TV : One Time Payment Which Means No Monthly Costs

Deutsch Fernsehen und Radio Geliefert und Installiert | ZDF | RTL | ARD | Pro 7 | etc

Freesat German TV : One Time Payment Which Means No Monthly Costs

International World Television & Radio

Other Countries : Any Channel From Any Country

Choose The TV & Radio From Your Home Country

Relocation Television Services of Satellite TV systems

When your moving Home & being relocated to your new House, Apartment or Office. We are committed to offering you the best quality products at affordable prices including full professional technical support. All our products come with a 2 year guarantee and are tested by ourselves to the highest standard. You can choose between Satellite or Cable TV meaning that even if your living in an Apartment where no Satellite dish antenna is allowed, we can still get you connected to your TV From Home.

Interactive Digital Services including NETFLIX

Brand New is our Set Top Box that gives you the best of Both World’s : Satellite TV with all the diversified choice that Freesat TV & Radio offers, along with the World’s most talked about Movie & TV Series provider ” NETFLIX “. An “all in one” easy to use Set Top Box which also allows you to record all your Satellite TV shows, to watch at a time to suit you and your Family while enjoying great Films and TV Series with NETFLIX. Not forgetting that this box also gives you access to ” Filmon ” and their international TV content as well as ” Tunein ” with thousands of Radio stations to listen to in Digital Stereo from all over the World. This Set Top Box comes with ” Android Inside ” which means there are Tons of ” Apps” that you can install including SKYPE, so you can even call & video chat right from in front of your Television : An even better way to bring you closer to friends & loved ones !

Television for your House, Apartment, Office or Business

Satellite & Cable Television for Expats in Belgium. English & American Expat Cable TV : BBC | ITV | ABC | FOX | HBO | Showtime | Fox Soccer Plus | NHL | ESPN | NBC | Sky News | CNN | Sky Movies | Sky Sports | .....


For Expats in Belgium Satellite & Exclusive Expat Cable HD TV for Expats in all area's of including Brussels, Tervuren, Antwerpen, Waterloo, Lasne, Mons, SHAPE, NATO, EEC Bruxelles, Liege, Namur, Genk, Gent, Ostende in all languages.


British & Irish & American & Russian & Indian HD Cable TV | Freesat | SKY + HD | Viasat | Canal Digital | Delivery & installation | Internet Broadband & WiFi | Gardener | Plumber | Electrician | Handyman | Happy Home Expat Concierge services in Belgium.


Everybody has a different requirement which is why we provide our unique tailor made packages for each and every client with friendly free advice and the best quality products ( Digital Satellite & Expat Cable Set Top Boxes, Satellite Dish Antenna’s with installation & repair services ) at very competitive prices.


We have the biggest selection of channels working directly with Satellite TV & Cable TV providers which also includes all your Radio stations.

With TV From Home you can watch Any Channel From Any Country In Any Language : For a FREE Price Quote as well as information and costs related to our professional installation service please email us at  telling us what language TV & Radio you require and we will get you back to you with a FREE price quote.

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TV From Home

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